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Our products range from Frankincense to Ginger, from Gum Arabica to Qasil. Read more about our products...


Quality Assurance

Quality AssuranceThe demand for high quality, safe, effective, and clean natural plant products and their formulations with various substances have been growing significantly worldwide. Lubanchem guarantee the quality of each of the essential oils and give our unwavering commitment to our customers ensuring quality, purity and efficacy. More...

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Luban (Frankincense) - a scent which is most enduring to our senses!

Essential oils have the power to transform our emotions and heal our bodies; Luban can transcend us to another place and time...

Let us guide you to our aroma world with specialty quality essential oils from Kenya.


  • To produce a wide range of the highest quality organic essential oils from wild crafted raw materials indigenous to Sub- Sahara Africa.
  • To produce essential oils using Eco-friendly technology.
  • Apply Fair trade principles and adopt ethical business standards.
  • To support, respect and value the local communities we work with.
  • Work with our customers' desires to produce efficacious organic products in the purest natural form.
  • The continual increase in our range of organic wild crafted oils is consistent with and embraces the company’s policies of offering nature’s best.


Our Products

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