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Organic wild crafted trees grow in the wild without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals in any form. The soil, rocks or mountains on which the trees grow are free of any chemicals or chemical residues since the ground has never been subjected to any adulterants. The crops – gums, resins and bark that are harvested from these trees are hence organic wild crafted free from fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals in any form. Subsequently the essential oils are organic wild crafted since pure potable deionised water is used for the production of the steam for the distillation.

what are essential oils?

Essential oils are the volatile, aromatic oils obtained by steam or hydro distillation of botanicals. Different parts of the plants can be used to obtain essential oils, including the flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, stems, bark, wood, etc.   These oils are the ‘soul’ of the plant and contain all beneficial properties as found in nature.

Most essential oils are primarily composed of terpenes and their oxygenated derivatives.  Certain cold-pressed oils, such as the oils from various citrus peels, are also considered to be essential oils but these are not to be confused with cold-pressed fixed or carrier oils such as olive, grape seed, apricot kernel, etc. which are non-volatile oils composed mainly of fatty acid triglycerides.


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