Our Story

Lubanchem work with communities and women’s groups in the war torn regions of Somalia and the arid/semi-arid regions of North Eastern Kenya creating a regular source of income The long drawn out civil war and unrest in Somalia has had a profound effect on the nation as a whole whereby the men are fighting the war leaving the women to fend for themselves and the children.

Due to the lack of a stable infrastructure, work is difficult to come by especially for the uneducated; therefore collection and sale of the gum resin is a primary – and at times the only - source of income for many of the families in the region.

What are Essential oils?

Essential oils are the volatile, aromatic oils obtained by steam or hydro distillation of botanicals. Different parts of the plants can be used to obtain essential oils, including the flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, stems, bark, wood, etc.   These oils are the ‘soul’ of the plant and contain all beneficial properties as found in nature. More...

about us


Lubanchem to be a competitive global supplier in promoting the holistic benefits of wild crafted organic essential oils.


  • To produce a wide range of the highest quality organic essential oils from wild crafted raw materials indigenous to Sub- Sahara Africa.
  • To produce essential oils using Eco-friendly technology.
  • Apply Fair trade principles and adopt ethical business standards.
  • To support, respect and value the local communities we work with.
  • Work with our customers' desires to produce efficacious organic products in the purest natural form.
  • The continual increase in our range of organic wild crafted oils is consistent with and embraces the company’s policies of offering nature’s best.

Our Mission

Lubanchem is dedicated to:

  • Supply products of the highest integrity.
  • Supply therapeutic-grade organic wild-crafted essential oils.
  • Excellence in service to the global market.
  • Promoting and delivering efficacious materials with diverse uses in pharmaceuticals, aromatherapy; alternative medicine; consumer and household products.

Our Focus Areas

Lubanchem is focused on its key areas:

  • Highest quality pure organic wild crafted oils.
  • Ethical fair trade principles.
  • Sustainable harvesting and farming projects.
  • International client and supplier relationships.

Our Name

Lubanchem has been named after our pioneer product “Luban” - the Somali word for frankincense or the Boswellia species. The company is duly registered in Nairobi, Kenya with its offices in Industrial Area Nairobi. From humble beginnings in 2002 the company now has its own facilities with a 12,500 square feet production area. Due to the ability to change proactively the company has progressed rapidly.

This success has been achieved through critical analysis of priority areas including strategic planning and Lubanchem’s commitment to research and development and by application of latest technology.

Quality has come to the fore in such aspects as flexibility, cooperation and alertness to customer wishes and a result orientated approach.

Quality is an issue that Lubanchem considers essential not only for its products but also for its management, policy making, protection of the environment and social presence.


Our products

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