Quality Control

Lubanchem quality controlThe essential oils are extracted in our facilities where complete control over both the quality and quantity of our raw materials is exercised to ensure that the products are organically produced free from any additives or chemical contaminants. We are committed to using only the finest raw material available. Our essential oils have been used, tested and have been defined botanically for purity and authenticity.

 quality assurance

The demand for high quality, safe, effective, and clean natural plant products and their formulations with various substances have been growing significantly worldwide. Lubanchem guarantee the quality of each of the essential oils and give our unwavering commitment to our customers ensuring quality, purity and efficacy.

Raw Materials

  • Verification of botanical species of the trees or plants. Identification of each plant or tree by the Latin name is crucial since this is one of the main factors determining the quality of essential oils.
  • Mapping out the geographical area from which gum resins are tapped and collected.
  • Distilling plant materials, gums and resins from organically grown wild crafted trees. The trees grow in the wild and the gum is hence wild crafted free from any fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals in any form.
  • Hand picking and cleaning all the raw materials to remove any adhering organic matter. The gum is hand picked and selected packed ready for distillation.

GMO Free

The raw materials are free from the inclusion of any genetically modified organisms or materials.

Animal Testing

No raw material or essential oil of Lubanchem has ever been tested on animals; hence all Lubanchem essential oils are produced without causing any cruelty to animals. In addition, the essential oils do not contain any animal material and are therefore suitable for Vegans.

Oil Quality

  • Plants are organic wild crafted and hence grow on non-chemically treated soil.
  • Plants, gums and resins are harvested ecologically and are from renewable sources.
  • Oil extraction is performed on site, from freshly harvested plant material using pharma grade stainless steel distillation vessels.
  • Steam distillation is carried out at the lowest possible pressure and for the maximum time.
  • The oils are complete (e.g. no deterpenation) - chemotypes are available.
  • Chromatography, viscosity, colour, light refraction and odour intensity are monitored.
  • Brown amber glassware is used to keep out ultraviolet light

Shelf Life

The organic wild crafted steam distilled essential oils of Lubanchem have a shelf life of at least 3 years, and even more when stored properly in air-tight containers; in a cool dark place; away from direct sunlight. It is important to avoid storing in an area where the temperature fluctuates as this accelerates the rate of degradation of the oils.

Frankincense essential oil can be restrained for a shelf life of 3-5 years under the right storage conditions. It should be stored in well-sealed bottles at 5-25 degrees Celsius, in a well-ventilated  dry room away from direct sunlight and heat.

Ideally all essential oils must be stored in a cool, constant temperature away from direct sunlight.

General Safety Considerations for Essential Oil Use

Normally all essential oils are flammable and therefore they should never be stored near sources of ignition. All containers must be securely sealed after opening.

  • Essential oils are potent and due care should be exercised in handling during further processing and in final use. All our products are shipped with current MSDS.


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